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Ukraine is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe and has many beautiful and industrial cities. This country is a good place for traveling and tourism. Many tourists visit Ukraine each year and enjoy their stay. We can help with the travel part, to the parents of students and other visitors that need our help by many various services such as:

  1. obtain and sending the tourism invitation.
  2. reservation of hotel and other places for our clients.
  3. transferring our clients from airport to hotels.
  4. delivering car and drivers for daily excursion.

How can we help ?


Free Consultancy

Assistance in selecting the best University for a certain program, and assistance in choosing appropriate Bachelor/Master programme.

Visa Application

Assistance to gather all the necessary documents to obtain your visa with 100% of success.

Invitation letter

Invitation letter from a certain/recommended University from FMS (the Federal Migration Service)


Assistance in getting Health Insurance, arrangement in a hostel or appartement (according to the prior agreement with the student).

Airport pickup

Assistance in getting Immigration Clearance on arrival, and assistance in undergoing Medical checkups on Arrival and we will assist you in paying Tuition fees to the University

Everyday life

Assistance in getting your student ID card, hostel card, International student card. Assistance in opening a Bank Account. We provide support to our students during a whole period of studies

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